Slim is out of date, easing is a popular trend of men’s trousers this year, there is always one suitable for you.


Although last year’s trousers is popular to everyone, it is necessary to have a lot of uniqueness, it needs to distinguish it from the crowd.

We will fight against it, follow the forefront of the popular trend, introduce several loose version of trousers, let you wear trends in this spring and summer, wear different dynamics

1, China Feng Mapping Pants


Although it is a small feet, this loose leg is surrounded by a thin and breathable fabric, which reveals a strong Chinese style.


Comparative to match simple solid color T-shirt, the temperament of literary youth is undoubtedly


2, cotton linen wide legs seven pants


Cotton and linear compared to simple numbness, it will look delicate, and the crying will also be tallful, the version of the seven pants expansion makes the whole body more stereo, but also more sports hip hop

3, light color loose jeans

Classic denim blue plus loose version will produce a wonderful retro taste, putting it on its boy will feel clean and seem to have a little mature taste.

4, black nine pants

The nine pants is the same as the above-mentioned jeans, and the version of this width is also achieved, but the type of nine pants will look more dynamic and cool, although it is in summer, but the thin heat-dissipating fabric is absolutely You are happy in summer


5, Japanese retro harem pants

Friends who like some small design and small personality are ideal for this Japanese retro model, and the fake two-piece referral to solve the matching challenge, and let the time span of this trousers have also pulled a lot, and the people must

6, beach pants

Loose big beach pants must be a hot summer man’s best friend, neither restrained and appeared in the sun, and in general, there are still few pieces in the case, becoming the pattern, if the color of the elegant color can be adapted to most Casual, home travel is still right