How to shell lubricating oil is suitable for shell lubricants


How about Shell lubricating oil?

Shell lubricants are affiliated with oil and chemical parts in the downstream business of Shell, while Shell Industrial Lubricants is a general title in Shell in industrial field lubricating oil.

As the world’s largest lubricant manufacturer and supplier, the oil sales of Shell lubricants is in the world leader, and is the leader in the lubricant industry.

Below, this article will popularize some shell lubricants basic knowledge, see what kind of car is suitable for shell lubricants.

Shell lubricant product introduction

Shell’s lubricating oil products are very rich, consumers usually use the color of the packaging bucket to distinguish the shell lubricant product structure, such as the shell extraordinary Hihizi series, you usually call it “gray shell”, Shell hidden HX7 series called ” Blue shell “, HX5, you will generally be called” yellow shell “and push it in this class. In fact, this is not very accurate, because some new products will also use the same color as colors as different levels of old products, such as the packaging of the new HX8 semi-combined lubricant, like a supercoming series It is all gray.

1, Shell extraordinary high-class full synthetic lubricant

Shell extraordinary Hi Li series is the top of the Shell, which is suitable for most luxury cars, turbocharged models and high-performance sports cars. In this series of neck, Hihiri Ultra is often seen in the market, while shell extraordinary Ultra r and Shell extraordinary Ultra e These two lubricants are rare in the market; in which shell is extraordinary soil Ultra R is highly recorded in motion performance, some high-performance sports cars or high-quality motion performance models can try this lubricant; while Shell extraordinary Ultra E is competing to economy and environmental protection, value the owner of these two lubricant performance, if Have the opportunity to buy this lubricant, you can try it. We only found the price of the Shell extraordinary Ultra E at Yi Xun online, and did not see these two lubricants in many physical stores and Taobao. Two lubricants.

It also circulates a saying on the Internet. The super-sustain series of Shell is not true all-in-one lubricant, but the performance close to the full synthetic lubricant semi-boundary lubricant, this statement is an extraordinary high school The base oil used is a three-class base of mineral oil, while the true fully combined lubricant is used in the use of four types of base oils (poly alpha olefins) or five types of base oils (polyol ester) without mineral oil.

I have reviewed a large amount of information, in fact, the concept of full-shaped lubricant does not really definitely definition, since the 1999 Mobil accused Castrol should not print “full synthetic” words on products made of three types of base oils. After the lawsuit lost, the concept of full synthetic lubricants did not specifically refer to the use of four or five basic oil manufacturing lubricants, so although many people now use the concept of the base oil level to distinguish all synthetic lubricants. However, some manufacturers believe that they use the lubricants manufactured by three types of base oils to comply with the performance of the full synthesis of lubricants, so they can also be called full synthetic lubricants.

Shell HX8 is the newly listed entry-level full-joint lubricant. Its packaging is very similar to the extraordinary highlights, and the color is also gray. As an entry-level fully combined lubricant, it can be applied to most 20 The models of more than 10,000 yuan, the price of the turbocharged model, the price of Xi Li HX8 we did not find the price on the three e-commerce websites in the table above, and the price on Taobao is about 308 yuan to 370 yuan. about.

2, HX7, HX6 semi-combined lubricant

Shell HX7 series lubricant is the “blue shell” we often say, as a semi-boundary lubricant, its performance is better than the mineral lubrication, the price is much lower than the full synthetic lubricant, so HX7 is more suitable Some economic cars under the pursuit of 200,000 yuan. In addition, the HX7 series also has a happy HX7 AJ lubricant. This lubricant is based on HX7 lubricant, specializing in the improved lubricant with a Japanese and Japanese brand model. About marking “AJ” I will be introduced to you in the following shell lubricants.

Shell HX6 series lubricant although the packaging is yellow, but it is semi-boundary lubricant, everyone should see the name when buying. Don’t confuse the HX5. HKL HX6 lubricant level is much lower than the high HX7, from the viscosity level, it is only 10W-40, so it is not suitable for use in the cold area, and the economical owner of 150,000 yuan can be used in summer. it.

3, Shell Heili HX5, HX3 Mineral Lubricant

One mentioned mineral lubricants, many owners will feel that the low-end is not willing to use, but for some models that have a long engine, the engine has been repaired, because the piston in the engine is abrasion or the unsuitable assembly of the engine, it is possible The gap between the piston and the cylinder is relatively large, and the mineral lubricant is generally higher than the full synthetic lubricant viscosity, and the high viscosity of lubricant sealing performance is better than the low-viscosity of lubricants, so the car age is relatively long. Models and engine have been tried to try high-spirited HX5, HX3 mineral lubricants.

In the HX3 series, in addition to the common HX3, there is also a happy HX3K lubricant. This lubricant is designed for models that have more than 100,000 kilometers of mileage. It is characterized by more viscous than general lubricants. It can play better sealing and lubricity, and we also do not find on Jingdong, Amazon and Yi Xun online. The price of Taobao website is basically around 96 yuan to 110 yuan.

4, Shell Hook HX2 Mineral Lubricant

Shell HX2 (white shell) is the lowest end of Shell, because the price is relatively low, the price is relatively low, Taobao website 4-liter price is about 60 yuan to 70 yuan, so many 4S shop and repair shop will It is used to use it as “washing oil”. In the process of replacing the lubricant, add the old lubricant to the vehicle to let the engine run one after another, then add new lubricants. The purpose of this is to let it “wash away the old oil and residue of the remaining in the engine.”

Of course, HX2 is not a special “wash oil”. It is also used as a lubricant. My colleague often gives him the 1999 Jetta to use HX2 lubricant, which is basically no problem. .

5, shell lubricant identified by “aj”

Some Shell lubricants will add “AJ” on the back of the brand name, and the lubricant marked with “AJ” is actually the characteristics of Shell combined with the United States, Japan car brand engines, specializes in beauty, Japanese models launched more suitable Their lubricants, all products marked with “AJ” have passed the ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Certification Committee, jointly established by the US Automotive Manufacturer Association and Japanese Auto Manufacturer Association). In terms of price, we didn’t find the Shell lubricant marked with “AJ” in the three major e-commerce websites in the table above, but the price of HX7 AJ is 1 liter 70 yuan to 75 yuan. 4-liter price is 215 yuan to 295 yuan; the price of HX5 AJ is 4 liters of 100 yuan to 175 yuan.

What car is suitable for a shell lubricant?

The most problem is “What kind of car is suitable for Shell lubricants? Is my car to add a lubricant oil?” In fact, this problem is very good, each brand’s lubricant will have its own ability, some brands focus In terms of anti-wear ability, some brands focus on high temperature resistance, while Shell lubricating oil is the cleaning ability, for some owners who look heavy oil cleaning capabilities, they can try shell lubricants, but this does not represent other vehicles are not suitable for Shell lubricating oil. What brand of lubricants for vehicles can work normally, mainly watching the owner of the lubricant, such as preferred performance, the owner of the heavy lubricants, the owner of the car owner, the vehicle is often used in the cold area It may be more important to weigh the abrasion resistance of lubricants during the cold start of the vehicle.

When picking the lubricant, ask the vehicle to fit what brand of lubricants, it is better to ask the vehicle to add a viscosity lubricant, generally mentioned the viscosity and needs of lubricants in the manual of the vehicle, such as the public The car generally requires VW certification, the viscosity is typically at 5W-30, 0W-30, 5W-40, 0W-40, the VW certification is based on the EU ACEA A3 / B4 certification, so there is such a certification machine oil 100 ° C The viscosity is more than 11.9, and HTHS (shear value at 150 ° C) is required to be greater than 3.5.

What is OEM lubricant?

I have learned what car is suitable for use in the shell lubricating oil, let’s talk about which car manufacturers will use Shell OEM lubricants when they are maintained at 4S store. Maybe there may ask: What is OEM lubricant? Simply OEM lubricant is a car manufacturer designated lubricant manufacturer to produce lubricants produced by the lubricant manufacturer’s products in the market, OEM lubricating oil packaging Used is a packaging bucket dedicated to automakers. The 4S shop generally says that this is the original lubricant, but the packaging bucket will generally mark the lubricant brand, such as Shanghai GM Buick and Chevrolet. Lubricating oil used. According to our investigation, manufacturers using Shell OEM lubricants are:

1. Dongfeng Nissan is used by Shell SL level 5W-30 semi-combined lubricants, suitable models: Sylphy 2.0L, Scorpio 2.0L, Qijun 2.0L, hacker; and Shell SL 5W-30 full synthetic motor oil, suitable model: Scorrow 2.5L / 3.5L, Qijun 2.5L.

2, Shanghai GM Buick, Chevrolet is used by Shell SM level 5W-30 full synthetic motor, the model is: Regal 1.6T / 2.0T, Regal, Jun Yue, Yinglang XT 1.6T, Boulevard, Angke, Copaci.

3, Geely Group (Geely, Emperor, British, Global Eagle) is used by Shell SG 15W-40 mineral lubricants, which is suitable for all models of Geely Group’s four sub-brands Geely, Emperor, England and global eagle.

4, Changan Automobile is used is Shell SJ grade 5W-30 mineral lubricant, which is suitable for all models of Changan Auto.

How to determine the true and false of the shell lubricant? Where can I buy genuine Shell lubricant?

Shell lubricants identify the true and false method can be identified by the anti-counterfeiting logo on the packaging tank, and the genuine anti-counterfeiting logo will have a phone call, and the consumer can query authenticity by calling or sending text messages. However, there are many unscrupulous merchants in the market, they will use Shell’s true packing tanks, or more cheap lubricants, act as high-level lubricants to sell, this kind of lubricant is very troublesome, because the packaging bucket is Really, the anti-counterfeit logo is true, and the lubricant is also true, but mineral oil poses full synthetic oil to sell, consumers are hard to distinguish this mineral lubricant pretending to synthesize lubricants, then Then use the anti-counterfeiting ID phone or SMS to query is also a white fee.

In addition, there are some merchants in the market that they sell “parallel goods”, which is to smuggle the shell, this lubricant, I don’t dare to say that it is all fake, but most of it may not be true. We recommend that you can go to some formal channels, such as Jingdong, Amazon and other reputable e-commerce or Shell authorized stores, Shell gas station purchase, if you encounter special cheap lubricants, then you are buying I have to consider it.

Can different series of Shell lubricants can be mixed?

This problem is also a question that everyone is very concerned, and our point of view is not recommended. Because the additives contained in different series of Shell lubricants are different, although the mix does not harm the vehicle, it may affect the performance of the lubricant, and can not achieve the original design. Of course, if you are some extreme cases, if you find that the oil is not much in the high speed, the engine oil sold in the service station and you are not a brand or different products. In this case, you can mix, after all, there is an oil ratio It’s better to have more oil, as soon as you change it, you can change it.

Replace the cycle of lubricants?

After talking about the shell lubricant, I will add a basic knowledge of lubricating oil to you again. This issue is also the problem that I have been concerned with everyone in the forum is the replacement cycle of lubricants.

壳牌润滑油怎么样 什么车适合用壳牌润滑油

The cycle of replacing the lubricant is generally replaced according to the maintenance cycle of the vehicle. The cycle of each brand is different, so the cycle of replacing the lubricant is also different, but according to my experience, most full-synthetic lubricants are replaced once every 7500 km or every 10,000 kilometers, while most semi-synthesis Or mineral lubricants will be replaced once every 5,000 kilometers or every 7500 kilometers. Of course, I just said that most models, there are some relatively small models, such as Peugeot 307, 508 and other models are replaced once every 15,000 kilometers.

Many owners feel that high-end lubricants can extend the cycle of replacement of lubricants. In fact, this concept is not completely correct. High-end lubricants are indeed better than low-end lubricants in antioxidant capacity and anti-emulsification. The owner can extend a period of time but not too long. For example, the official manual is marked 5,000 kilometers to replace a lubricant. The owner uses high-end lubricants to be properly extended to 7,500 kilometers, but it is necessary to extend to 10,000 kilometers. . In fact, it is better to add a lubricating oil as often inspected, replace the lubricant, just like a relatively experienced technical colleague here often says a word, “adding oil is not as good as diligent”.

Summary: Shell lubricants are introduced to you, the case of Shell’s car lubricant products is very rich, the visibility is also high, but this has also caused a lot of counterfeit products in the market. I found that its anti-counterfeiting measures are really too little, fully can’t keep up with fake means, I hope that shell can be more costs in this regard, after all, this is the benefit of protecting their own interests is also the benefit of protecting consumers.

The above is how about Shell lubricating oil, what car is suitable for the introduction of the shell lubricant hopes to help you.