Jeans is the “God” of the out of the street, these 6 kinds of matching methods, every kind of beauty


Jeans has always been very popular since the birth of the birth, this kind of item is a must-have a single item in the wardrobe in the four seasons, although the fabric is simple, but it can wear a completely different style and different in different styles. The matching effect.

In addition to fashion and casual feelings, jeans is also very good, wear in daily leisure situations, this foundation simple trousers are really a hundred trips, and jeans is “God” that is in the street. These 6 kinds of matching methods, each of them is full.

First, suit with jeans


The jeans itself is a very casual single product. Cowboy’s fabric comes with a casual and comfort, wearing a very easy to use in daily leisure. The matching method exhibits a personalized matching effect.

When using jeans with a suit, you can show a different matching effect by mixing in different styles. If you want to wear in the workplace commuting, you can try to use the foundation black suit to match the stylized jeans, use Casual jeans to match the workplace suit to increase the professional professional.

If you want to wear more fashion sensation, you can try to use a suit of a suit of the wind to match the loose version of denim wide legs, avoiding the color of the color.


When wearing a suit with jeans, if you want to wear a high-quality sense, you can try to use the high waist style jeans. The jeans itself is a very casual and comfortable trousers. It can play a very intuitive way to carry the waistline, with a very easy matching method to wear the long legs.

Second, knit cardigan with jeans

Knitting cardigan with jeans is very simple gentle, loose version of knitted cardigans match the same loose high waist style wide-leg pants, with a loose version of design to wear enough comfort, The requirements for the body are not very high, this kind of matching method is very suitable for women who are slightly slightly fat.

If your height is not very tall, you want to show a high-quality practicality in the wearing, you can try to use a short small knitting cardi to match the high waist type jeans, shorten the upper body ratio, and extend the proportion of the lower body. The matching method exhibits three or seven points.


Third, leather with jeans

Ou and American little sisters like to wear leather clothes. It is a kind of cool feeling through the combination of leather and jeans. This kind of color is less than a woman’s taste and gentleness, but through this suitable hard match style. A sense of morality and distance in modern women.

Fourth, small fragrant wind jacket with jeans


The short small fragrant wind jacket is precise, the lower body is equipped with a high-waist long jeans, using a short high matching method to present a precision, this matching method is perfect, it is very perfect, very suitable Pretty girls are borrowed.

Five, sweater with jeans


Like the sweet age-friendly style, the little sisters can try to match the loose version of the wide-leg jeans, the comfort of the sweater is self-evident, comfortable to wear Feel enough, at the same time, I took a small lace of the little lace, or put the colorful cartoon print on the chest, I can present the brightness and highlight of the girl, the lower body is equipped with a high waist style wide-leg jeans , A lot of comfort and agest.


Six, coat with jeans


In the autumn and winter season, the match of coats and jeans is a must-have in the street. However, when wearing a coat, you need to avoid the bloating feel, use open clothes, while wearing jeans, while wearing jeans The upper position is matched with a waistband with coat coat, which can be echoed on color, and can present a high waist line by opening a way.

Jeans is a single product that has the highest street rate in the four seasons. Simple and practical is also very easy to use. Which one do you prefer?

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