Song Qinghui: The long-term development prospect of photovoltaic glass is broad, and it will continue to be good.


The famous economist Song Qinghui said to the “Securities Daily” reporter: “In recent years, the photovoltaic glass industry has attracted a large number of enterprises and capital in the ENG in the photovoltaic glass industry, in the photovoltaic glass industry. At the beginning of this year, Luoyang glass accelerated in the national layout photovoltaic glass industry, and its market concentration is expected to improve, and the prospect of the company may continue. “

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Bed head economics

¥ 60

宋清辉:光伏玻璃长期发展前景广阔 相关企业前景或会持续向好


宋清辉:光伏玻璃长期发展前景广阔 相关企业前景或会持续向好

Photovoltaic glass business reappears Luoyang glass plans to buy Taogao Fujian equity

Securities Daily reporter Xiao Yanqing

This year, the photovoltaic industry has continued to high Jingjing, Luoyang Glass grabs the opportunity, accelerate the pace of mergers and reorganization, and lay out the photovoltaic glass industry throughout the country.

Hu Yimu, Chief Researcher, China Steel Economics, said in an interview with “Securities Daily” reporter: “In the case of the development of huge historical opportunities in the industry, the total number of mergers and acquisitions will also increase. Luoyang glass should be used Good listed companies to configure the advantages of resources to grasp the national layout. In this way, it is conducive to expanding capacity, obtains a larger market share; on the other hand, it is conducive to the use of the acquisition company’s location advantages and local channels to explore different regional markets, optimize product structure. “

Do big new energy business

On the evening of September 23, Luoyang Glass Announcement said that Taiwan Glass China Holdings Co., Ltd. has reached a preliminary consensus on the equity related matters of the company to buy Taiwan Fujian Photovolta Glass Co., Ltd.. If the above equity transaction is completed, it is conducive to the company to further improve the overall layout of the photovoltaic glass business sector, and improve the market coverage ability of the product.

Hu Yimu said: “The equity first of the acquisition of Taiwan Fujian Photovolta Co., Ltd. is to expand the photovoltaic glass of Luoyang glass; the second is to improve the area layout, which is conducive to the market development of the southeast region; third is some technical Optimize its own product structure and improve the market competitiveness of the product. “

In fact, Luoyang glasses grasp the strategic opportunity period of new energy glass development, and do high-quality new energy glass business. Since this year, I have launched the implementation of Qinhuangdao North Glass Equity Acquisition Project and Zigong New Energy Capital Project, which is already in northern and The layout of the Southwest area.

The 60% equity acquisition of Qinhuangdao Northern Glass has been completed. The company will actively promote the Northern Glass Solar Equipment Photo Pacific Battery Packaging Material Project, the project is completed, the company’s new energy glass business will form a strategic layout in Hebei Province and North China. At present, the company has completed the capital increase capital of Zigong, and has achieved 60% of its equity. On July 1, Zigong New Energy Superbaptural Extension Glass Product Offer is offline. The production line is successfully put into production, filled the gap in my country’s southwest China, and promoted the development of local solar industries.

Song Qinghui, famous economist

The famous economist Song Qinghui said to the “Securities Daily” reporter: “Acquisition of the equity of Biofugang Photovoltaic Glass Co., Ltd. can improve the market coverage ability of Luoyang glass products, and there is also a thickened performance level. In recent years, photovoltaic glass With its broad market prospects and strong market profitability, it attracts a large number of enterprises and capital. In the high view of the photovoltaic glass industry, this year Luoyang glass accelerates in the national layout photovoltaic glass industry, and its market concentration is expected. Further improvement, the prospect of the company will continue to be good. “

In addition, the company has steadily implemented new project construction, and the fundraising project Hefei new energy solar equipment photovoltaic battery packaging material project and Tongcheng new energy solar equipment Photovoltaic battery packaging materials first phase project construction project is progressing smoothly. Yixing New Energy Solar Equipment Photovoltaic Battery Packaging Materials Project is steadily advanced.

Wide development prospects in photovoltaic glass

At present, domestic photovoltaic glass prices have rebounded. According to relevant data, as of September 23, domestic 2.0mm coated photovoltaic glass mainstream price is 20 ~ 21 yuan / m2, individual reaches 22 yuan / m2, the same is flat, 3.2mm thick photovoltaic glass The original piece order price is 19 ~ 20 yuan / m2, up 2.63% from last week; 3.2mm coated photovoltaic glass price 26 ~ 27 yuan / m2, individual manufacturers reached 28-29 yuan / m2, which is generally stable in the last week.

Zhang Lingwei, the “Securities Daily” reporter: “Domestic photovoltaic glass prices have maintained steady trend since mid-September. Suppanations, the recent domestic photovoltaic glass is relatively stable, from September, Anhui After 1,000 tons of melting photovoltaic photovoltaic lines, the industry has no new production capacity release in the near future. Later, with the production line production of the previous ignition, the photovoltaic glass production has increased space. Plus part of the production capacity has been The ignition standard is reached, and the supply end of the later industry still shows incremental trend. Therefore, the scale is still in a good incremental section, but it is also affected by the increase in supply, and the photovoltaic glass price is raised or hosted. “

For long-term trend of photovoltaic glass, Zhang Lingli analysis believes that the overall supply of photovoltaic glass presents incremental trend, and demand is subject to national energy-consuming dual-control policies and cost increases, etc., and postponed, industry supply and demand pattern Or present a loose situation. However, the photovoltaic industry as an important part of my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan” strategic plan, and long-term development prospects are still optimistic, or the scale of the photovoltaic glass industry is further improved.

In Hu Yimu’s view, in the background of double carbon, the photovoltaic machine will usher in sustained growth. At present, on the one hand, the price of photovoltaic glass is increased under demand, and the rise in the uppermost cost of the upper reaches also supports the price of photovoltaic glass. Original title: Photovoltaic glass business reappears Luoyang glass plans to buy Taogao Fujian equity

(Editor Li Bo Chichuan)

宋清辉:光伏玻璃长期发展前景广阔 相关企业前景或会持续向好

Photovoltaic glass business reappears Luoyang glass plans to buy Taogao Fujian equity