Pick the elegant temperament long dress, wear your spring sweet beauty, romantic charming and advanced


Gentle spring breeze matches the elegant long dress, fresh and elegant, full of spring days. In the season of dressing clothes, the dress in the spring is still so beautiful, and people don’t want to take off. However, there are a lot of dress in the spring, and today I will introduce you a few elegant long dress.

French orange skirt

Romantic elegant French Opeae skirt V collar + waist design, sexy and very smooth, A-shaped dress not only covers the shortcomings of the lower body, but also makes the body more slender, which seems more refined and temperament.

Gu Lina wearing a yellow orange skirt, V-neck design showed sexy clavicle, but also supported the rock neck, the waist design, not only stretched the waistline, but also showed a fresh and elegant style Match, full of girle.

Powder blue silk flycraft skirt, can shoulder stitching pleated lantern sleeve design with skirt, elegant and temperament, foot a pair of black high heel bare boots, simple and profit, elegant ~ 翩, Gentle gauze, beautiful to your heart.


A classic french floral octave skirt, there is a button with a button and a laid, the legs of the legs, sexy, fashionable people wearing a soft platycodepath skirt, and the fairy is full.

Floral Dress

The romantic beautiful floral dress is not only fresh, but also very age, chic small floral color saturation is high, and it can also bring a bright feeling, soft and skin white.

I want to put the floral dress in the spring, I have to pay some kindness in the style, I can choose “tight pine” skirt, slim and blossom, deep V-neck flower dress, elegant It is also very sexy, and it is also easy to wear in the spring day.


Some red floral dress with black suit jackets, feet on black Martin boots, simple and desperate shape, giving people a hard and sweet visual sense, loose slim. With a black hat, it is very handsome.

Point dress

The wave point element has always been classic, and the freedom romantic also has a vintage elegant-style spread skirt. You can wear an elegant woman taste. Chic elegant wave dresses, more .

Song Zur is wearing a black and white wort dress, black bow belt with waist, not only playing the waist, but also very much, add a playful girl. The segmented skirts are honest for cake skirt. The design of the spending foam sleeves is perfect.


Zhang Meng wore a black and white wort dress, with a double horsetail design, fresh age, and girl feeled. And the simple shape not only looks fresh and elegant, but also a playful feeling.


Sexy sleeve skirt

Sexy atmosphere can definitely make you stand out in the crowd, the minimalist sling dress is not only refreshing, but it is easy to wear high-level variants.

Zhong Chu is wearing a green floral crafted dress, a fresh color spring, and sexy hanging dress, showing exquisite clavicle and superior shoulder neckline, slim version, more fascinating, a fresh and elegant style Wear, temperament is absolutely.


Zhang Yitu body hits the green sling dress, the hand is a sunflower and a law, the refreshing shape is mixed, and it is full of French elegant style, romantic charming ~

The elegant long skirt is ready, choose a fresh fairy fan that is suitable for you, wear spring.

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