Boy servant: Who is my youth?


In the ancient mountain water painting, the proud literati likes to visit the mountain, alone, only a small child, the child is always about left, or carrying the piano, or cooking tea, constitutes a unique scenery in literati life . Boy servant is a special crowd in history. How did you live with a silent image behind him?

Yenen Yingye “West Garden Yaji”

01 essential supporting role

In the summer of five years ago, in Jinan 趵 趵 泉 万 万 园 观 展This is the classic picture of the ancient mountain water painting, the green mountains and white clouds are deep, and there are jungles on the banks on the riverside, similar to the pine sound from the painting. The eyes are in the characters – the two martial arts of the two wsgoves are idle, sent to the mountains, and the viewer does not feel a generation, as if it is in the world of the painting.

More interesting, it is a famous sergeant with a name of the name, and a child who holds the piano in his arms. I have noted that the image of the child servant has repeatedly appeared in the classic composition of “Carrying the Mins and Friends”, such as the Song Dynasty Fan, Daojin, Qing Dynasty, Huang Shen and others carries the pill, and so on.

Young children must not experience the realm of the owner, the realm of my two, so it seems to be a can have a can. So, in the painting of the landscape of streamlined, painter

Why don’t you add such a child?


The body of the child servant, the makeup, the look is worth a peek. In the ancient Chinese, the original meaning of “children” is “bare”, the child has less hair, so the “child” is borrowed. Of course, the ancient children servants are never bald. Most of the child servants are scattered with hair, at least the so-called “髫”. They have a negative, some, stand up, not long hair is also like a spring grass, furry like a small lion. The child’s servant tied to the child, and there is a plenty of Bahui Acupoints and wear the upper towel (playing more than the play in the drama), and there is also a calf.

These childish little boys, with a group of cavemen, “old drivers”, and greatly increase the level of the picture. The reason why the ancient mountain water painting can describe all things between the square, because of the contrast and level. Looking for any mountain water painting, the mountain must not be a solitary, but a high and low mismatch; water is not very quite ate, but there are fine flow and torrents, and falling. Mountain, water, trees, stone, and people’s paintings are the same.

Children’s joining, so that the scenes of the literati are more rich, lively.

Imagine, if the child replaces the child with a mature and stable old servant, the whole scene looks too quiet. In addition, with the ignorant little child, he also highlights the temperament of the master Boya.

Single from the composition, the child servant is also useful. In Song Huizong Zhao Yu’s famous painting “Lai Tao”, the owner is dressed in Taoist, and the strings are dialed under Songzhu, and the left and right officials are quiet. After the left side of the official, he served a thick, thin boy, dressed in a green dress, holding the chest, and the look also in the form of a piano. Compared with the two listeners who bow their heads, the spirit of the boy seems to be more simple, the corner of the mouth is naturally rising. Painting the theory of painting, the existence of boy sons, just breaking the embarrassment of the three-neun three-year-old triangle, so that the situation of listening to the piano between Songbei, reaching “God and Ineer”. The rest of the “listening to the piano” is the ancient painting, there is no similar addition to the composition of the child servant in one corner. The Language of Zhang Yanyuan Zeng Yan “The Location” is “the general point to draw”. The painter wants to repeatedly scrutinize the fine relationship between the characters, landscapes, or even leaves, the painting paper four corners and the picture. The child servant in “Lai Tin Map” is a classic case.

The later painter, more attention to the role of the child servant. The “Wang Yuanyu Chao Chao” of the Qing Dynasty painted the family, the character composition is a three boy, the child has become the main

Composition element

It is the source of the simplicity of the picture. The owner sat in the embroidered trick to the wine, and the two boy next to it took a look at it, and it seems to be in consulting the owner. On the other side of the jobs, there is another boy to embrace a big altar, two left and right, echoing each other, the picture is not scattered, and it is uncomfortable. Although the owner got a god view, but its Qing Yi wine was painted on three children who were surrounded by wine and chrysanthemums. And the child’s servant is more, and it is also lining the owner’s territory.

Another work of 禹 “” Wang Shizhen is in the picture “, the child servant occupies a more core status. Draw a boy turned to look at the owner sitting in front of the front chair. The hands just finished opening the cage doors, and the white horses have fly out. The owner has no big move, but also is all of the boy. The boy’s image on this painting is already winning, and the viewer’s eyes are in the eyes of the child’s twisted, see the handheld book, caught in the master. Among them, the top left corner of the reference picture is a poem. It can be seen that the owner has fallen into the hometown of the hometown, so the boy will open the door, and the boy will open the door and release the white. Employment.

02 Walking chess painting

What is the life of a child servant?

The ancient people have a lot of people, usually there are a child servant. According to the book “Grass Tree” record, the social style of the child is in the style of the home, and if the family does not raise a few child servants, it is very unopened in the Zhizhen circle. Rich people, the number of children servants, the division of labor is fine. For example, “Red Man Dream” Jia Baoyu’s Xiaoyu, there is a luggage, sweeping red, springs, sweeping, picking, belonging, etc., The name is two and two, which implies their working nature. Yuanchun, Yingchun, Spring, Cherish the Sichun four sisters, respectively, the piano, chess, books, draw four kinds of hobbies, so their chief maids are called Haoqin, Chess, and Books, and Into. Interestingly, “Jin Ping Mei” is the master of Ximen Qing, also has five boys in the music, chess, books, paintings and songs. However, the West Gate celebrates no such Yaxing, the family is not more than Jiajia, he gives birthday to the child. These birthday servant is to serve Ximen celebration, as well as some heavy housework. For example, “Qin Yang” work is to clean the garden.

A little more people, if the whole family has only one or two child servants, then the working pressure is bigger, sweeping the treasted flowers, laying bed stacks, end tea delivery, omnipotent, and ordinary 鬟鬟 work is similar. However, 鬟 鬟

The ancient literary people are not diligent, shoulders can’t be ignorant, but they can’t mention it, but they love to visit the mountain to play water. In order to take the piano, book, one should be a tea, and I don’t know the “self” in the cloud. Who loses around the mountain? Naturally a child serv is a child. Therefore, it seems that a small child that does not ban the wind is really necessary to compete. If you encounter the master to go to Beijing, the child will also pick the bookcase and life.

Acting as hard work, serving the babysitter and bodyguard

. The hardships in this are difficult to say. It can be said that it seems that elegant and pleasant literati lives, all by the child servants are silent behind.


In addition to hard work, the child servant is still a completely tailbladed under the ancient society. The law clearly stipulated in the Tang Dynasty: “The slave is the law, the law is more livestock.” Child servant for the owner, with assets, livestock, no legal status of the average person, and even life is not guaranteed. In the Law of the Yuan Dynasty, the minimum of murder also had a hundred and seventh, but killing the child servant, but the slave is as long as the stick is seventy-seven, so it is common.

In ancient Chinese, the word “child” is even a slave, low, ignorant symptom. The historical book of the East-week period “Mandarin” has a statement: “Do not listen to the child, childweise,” childhood, 即 懵 无 人, 无 无, just like the deaf people have no hearing.


This is of course a biased. The intelligence of the child servant is not as good as young masters, but because of poor family, it is not sold to large households. Some child servants are the children of the home adult maid, and the child is a slave. The difference in origin has caused the fate of the world’s side. Whether in the “Dream of Red Mansions” or “Jin Ping Mei”, we can find that young master, the lady is famous for the surname, and the child servant, the ring is even more famous, and the whole people are happy, so he listens to the smoke, ink rain, Like a little bit, Wang, Ping An, etc., just like today’s pet.

For the owner, the child servant may only be a set of pairs of chess and painting, let the owner can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Only because of being poverty, these beautiful teenagers have to sell the most precious young year, made a consumer product of the upper society.


In the early years of Northern Song Dynasty, Wang Wei invited two Soviet, Miki, Li Gonglin, Suman Fourth Traditional and celebrated a total of 16 people to visit, Li Gonglin as “Xiyuan Yaji Tu”, Liu Song in the Southern Song Dynasty, the enemy in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty Shi Tao has a common draw in the modern Chen Shaoi, etc. These painters may not witness the scenes of the gathering, but they have added a lot of childvant characters in the painting creation. Compared with the celebrities in the painting, these young children are not talented, they can only be busy with the owner, grind, and wash. But they added lively and angry for the picture, and at the same time, the child’s servant’s self-understanding, just like the owner’s wind and gay. Throwing a martial artist, just appreciate these cute children, it is also a great pleasure.


The picture shows the Qing Danxu “boasting”, the character is a servant, one is more comparison, in the composition of the composition, the small body is small, and most of them are hidden after the stone, only reveal A face. Photography / wood birch

03 Book Children’s Wushu, no one can stop


Of course, not all childvant servants are willing to serve. In ancient thousand tens of children’s servants, there are also some kind of people who have a statement, with their own ability to reverse the destiny, and embark on the peak of life.

For example, the big contrast in “Water Margin” – high.

Gao Yuyuan is a bookchildren in Soviet House. Wang Mingqing, Southern Song Dynasty, “Switching”: “Mr. Taoist, Mr. Dongpo, the grassroots.” Because the clever is smart, it is very popular with Su Shi. The “俅” “俅” is originally the “毬”, Su Shi feels that the soil will change him to “俅”. “俅” “逑”, take “窈窕 lady, gentleman is good” “逑” Yadi. When Su Shi read the bachelor of the Hanlin, he sent high-spirited to Xiao Wang Dang Wang Wang. One day, Wang Yu wants to send a trip to the righteous scorpion knife, sent by Gao Wei. It coincides with Zhao Wei to play, Gao Yi hits the big show, and is left by Zhao Yu as a “ball”. After Zhao Yu, after Song Huizong, the high-rise is high. History is always in the series of coincidences, and the child servants are humble.

It can be seen that the work of the child servant is slightly, but a unique advantage – there is no condition to receive education, through the chance of contacting the superior society and culture. With intimate and trust with the owners, they can even be among the highest decision-making layers, enter the upper society. In a sense, the existence of the child servant does not loses a special channel for the flow of ancient class.

Speaking here, I have to mention the most successful books in history – Chen Qingzhi.

During the Nort-North Dynasties, Luoyang street streets a nursery rhyme: “The famous general is from the prison, thousands of soldiers to avoid white robe.” To avoid a front. Who is the general of the White Robe? He is a famous God of War in history – Chen Qingzhi. Liang Datong (528), Chen Qingzhi led a 7,000-person force to carry out my style. In less than five months, this army all the way, broke through the chasing block of the Northern Wei’s hundreds of thousands of heavy soldiers, and the thoughts were won, and more than 50 games were victimized. Finally capture Luoyang, Northern Wei Capital, The nightmare of the Northern Wei soldiers. Because Chen Qingzhi is wearing a white robe, the Northern Wei people call him a white robe.


Chen Qing has a bold, good fortune, and there are uncomfortable, and there are countless future people. Mao Zedong once again read again, many circles, and annotation: “Read this passage, for God.” Dramatic is that Chen Qing is born, it is just a book.

When Liang Wu Emperor Xiao Yan did not take a soldier, Chen Qing entered the Xiao Yanfang, became a small book. Xiao Dool is love to ask for chess, and the chess is addict and repeatedly, and frequently all-lasting Date’s and people play. His chess friends or people do their best to make Xiao Dynasty. Only Chen Qingzhi, the energetic is very strong, and it is also intelligent. As long as Xiao Yan wants to play chess, he is on call, and even the joy of Xiao Yan. It is conceivable that his military strategy has also been tempered in small books.

When Xiao Yan was on the throne of the South Liang, Chen Qingzhi, who was only 18, was appointed the official of the competent instrument. But he is gently understood that he is very popular, and it is not obeyed, and only low-key is loyal to the duties. Until he was 41 years old, the opportunity came. Northern Weizhou thorn history Yuan French rebellion, requested the south to meet. Chen Qingzhi was appointed as the general, and the rate of 2000 people guard Xuzhou, and the Wei Jun, who was twice asks, Zhou Zhan. Two years later, Chen Qing also raided the 50,000 Wei Jun, who raided the 200,000 Wei Jun, and finally defeated the Village and defeated the Wei Jun. Liang Wu Emperor is very satisfied with his small book children, and commended: (Chen Qingzhi) “This is not a kind, and is not a man”, but “deeply thoughts, good words”, it is a big husband!

The so-called hero is not asked, “It is the gold that will shine”. There is no shortage of geniors in the child servant. They will take the owner to Tibet. Once they encounter the national dangerous, they are more convenient to show talents, and the opportunities of the fence. There is also a famous general general in history – Wei Qing, is also from the child servant. Weiqing is a born with parents privately, and is treated as a livestock slave, and the childhood is very tragic. After a little big, Wei Qing did not want to be slavery again, and went to Pingyang Houfu, a princess of Pingyang Princess. Until the sister of Wei Qing was in the Han Dynasty, Wei Qing was gradually running, and the amazing military genius broke out in the War of Nordic Known, with a great power. From the death of the child servant to the general!

04 benefits to the literati

Of course, it is very few boy servants who can build their national servants. However, there is an unexpected benefit to the literati’s book – zero distances, a name, good luck, can be written in the article, and Liu Fang Antuitab. I often think that if you can cross ancient times, be a small book in Su Shi, nor is it.

I really like Su Shi’s “Linjiang Fairy”:

Night drinking East slope wake up drunk, returning seems to be three more.

The nose of the family has thundered, the knock should not be, and the stick is listening to the river.

I have hated this, and I have, when I will forget it.

The night veontium is flat, and the boat has passed away, and the Jianghai sent a living.

Mr. Dongpo drunk, go home in the middle of the night, the child servant in the family sleeps so sleepy, and Mr. Dongpo has only walked to the waterfront, leaning against the river. This child is obviously not a smarter. If it is in common people, I don’t know what the owner is punished, but in the pen of Mr. Dongpo, it seems fresh and cute. His life, no deeds were passed down, but they were written into Mr. Han in because he did not know how to sleep.

The same lack of Yingkawa has been written into the name of the octopus, as well as Ouyang Xiu’s small books. In “Autumn Sounds”, Ouyang Xiu, who is reading at the night, is shocked by autumn, let the book go out. Scriptors can’t hear the autumn sound, and they will not be in the end, and they will not be instead. Ouyang Xiu is the sinister of autumn, and the lapse of time is deeply sad. Small books will not pay attention to the master’s macro theory, and they sleep from the head, leaving Ouyang adults and four walls.

In contrast, the bookkeeping books of smart wit wit, certainly they are loved by the owner. Zhou Xingchi starred in the movie “Tang Bohu Point Qiuxiang”, Wenwu Shuangquan Tang Bohu dress up into small books and mixed into Huafu, helping Hua Taishi spent a series of crises. Among them, Tang Bohu and the literal Yuan “to carry the intestine” is more impressive.伶 牙 齿 齿 泉 童 童 童 童 童 对 怼 对 怼 怼 怼 地 地 地 地 地 面 面

In fact, this is the image of the books of people, and there is a prototype in the historical legend. In that year, Wang Anshi is lacking a book, and the housekeeper has chosen a few, he is not satisfied, it is not intelligent enough. One day, the housekeeper took a boy, the year was about 145 years old, and the gods were god, and they were soaked. Wang Anshi is secretly happy, and his heart has been left his decision. He has a riddle in his mouth. If you want to test his talent, you can answer:

January again, half of the year;

There is a plowed field, there is a Sichuan, which is water;

There are six mouths, two do not reunion.

When the boy listened, he said to the household: “The master uses me, please arrange my accommodation!”

The housekeeper thoughts, and arranged for him.

It turned out that this child guess Wang Anshi’s mystery is a “use” word.

Another protagonist of the story is also Wang Anshi’s book. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi had a book of books and children tour, watching the monuments, and returned to seeing a real-time person, it was Wang Anshi. Su Shi and Wang Anshi came to polite, and it was often competed with each other with talents and knowledge. This time is “narrow”. However, the two did not take themselves. After using his hand, he finished his hand: “This is my little bord.” Wang Anshi nodded, but also referred to his own young people: “My book” is learning to know. “The voice just fell, Ford ran over and studied Give a greeting, a proud expression that is unbearable, let Ford are so uncomfortable. Four people do not slowly look at the inscription, and the two sides go on the front of the next question. When I came to a slightly tilted stone note, four people stopped and judged the head. Ford’s first step, he said: “Ante is not a shadow!” Smart confidentiality is not willing to show weakness, detachment: “The east slope is tilted in the base!”

I don’t know if Wang Anshi’s own bookmaker, whether the same person is hired with the answer?

The most spiritual child servant in the literary works, as a book boy, who is Zhuge Liang. In the “Three Kingdoms Romance”, Liu Xuande, a long skewer name – “Han Zuo Hui Yuchengting Hou Leeds Yuzhou Mu Qhuang Shu Liu Bei,” I’ve been awarded “” I can’t remember many names ” I have returned. Zhang Fei was biting his teeth, he gave himself to the teas, giving Liuhuang Shu, showing the world map to Mr. Zhuge, and listening to the ribbon. The later generations even have a fictional novel, re-chewing the three countries with the protagonist of Mr. Zhuge, Qiao, no matter whether it is here to see the extraordinary position of books.

The picture shows the servants in the Tomb of the Tomb of the Northern Shanxi Datong Shaling, who is holding the reins and serving the owner. Who can think that the generals Weiqing have also been a rouse, only because his sister’s satellor is accidentally seen by the Han Dynasty, Wei Qing is unexpected to the Han Wudi’s fidile eyes. Of course, Weiqing’s success is not open to his own talents and efforts, and the opportunity will only leave the servant prepared. Photography / Sun Xinqiang


Is there really love between 05 young masters and books?

Zhuge Liang’s bookkeeper is looking at the owner, and the children of the hidden Tao Yuanming are likely to follow the owner to the Nanshan, and their life is also appreciated. Tao Yuanming “returns to the coming”, wrote “Children’s servant welcomes, the child,”, “I want to have a lot of books to accompany him. The future generations often have questions, the Tao Subshend is so poor, where is there any money to support the child? In fact, Tao Yuanming as a family must have a hidden material, and the poor is also a thing in his later years.

There is also a special written child in Tao Yuanming’s mixed poetry. It can be said to be beautiful: “袅袅 袅袅 标 标, 娈 童子. In the beginning of the year, Qiao Ke can lean. Nourish the color, there is Psychology. “” The color and temperament are very outstanding, whether it is his child. This has caused a lot of “gossip” in the later generations, and it is considered that the relationship between Tao Yuanming and the child is not simple. This is also no wonder, about the “special function” of the child servant, has a long black history.

The “Zhu Zijia Training” in the Governance of Governance, “Zhu Zijia Training”, “Children Don’t use Junmei, wife and wife, do not make makeup”, because Junmei’s child servant is often like it, because the owner likes to be inert, or a charm owner. In fact, it has implicitly pointed out the social phenomenon of ancient China.

When the child has appeared in the pre-Qin (Ji Xiaolan “Reading Website Notes”, it is called the Yellow Emperor), the earliest record appeared in Shang Dynasty, and there was a “beautiful man to break the old”. During the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, gay phenomena was active, and the “Yu Peng” “Longyang” “Longyang” “Longyang” “Longyang” “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, “Longyang”, has appeared in this period. The so-called “big man”, the homosexuality of the Han Dynasty is a lot, and the emperor of the Han Dynasty almost all the same sex partner, so that Sima Qian has specially “佞 佞 传” in “Historical”.

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the martial artist was more advocated, and all kinds of a beautiful thing in the world, the beauty of the teenager, and the beauty of the beautiful teenagers, naturally. Thus, Tao Yuanming’s “袅袅 标 标 崖, 娈 童” is inevitable to make people think more. “Jin Shu” contains: “Since the salt, Taikang, the male pet is great, it is not yet, the Scholar is not yet, or the world is similar, or the couple is too irritating.” Men’s wind I have covered a woman.

This is not exempt to think about ancient Greece. In Athens, the same sex love has given the law to the maximum protection and support, one of the pride of Athens at the time. The true meaning of “the love of Plato” is the same sexual love between men. In the first 4th century BC, the famous speaker I Schnis once public Chen said in court: “It is a very natural thing in the court.” It is a very natural thing. This is any one. The feelings of affection and wise men will inevitably produce love. “” In the era of opening up, the era of love, East and West resonates.

Whether in ancient Greece or China, living with the owner, a child servant, a child, a child, a young man’s love. Some people may say that although the child servant is at the bottom, but it can harvest unexpected love, and it is a good thing. The question is, is the young master’s true love?


For China’s ancient literati, a large motivation of the children is a lot of books from the children, and there is no chance to get close to the girl, especially the people, the family education is strive, in order to meet the normal physiological needs, only the side Small teenagers in books as objects. Some are temporarily leaked by the books in the husband and wife. For example, in the Dream of Red Mansions, Wang Xifeng served in the epox maiden when the daughter was vacanth, Jia Wei had to move to the foreign book, “I have dull two nights, it is very difficult, I will temporarily have a hidden hook. Fire. “

The picture shows the murals of the Six Temple Guanyin Temple (partial), which depicts the vivid scene of the young waiter to the old people. The ancient people have achieved a monks, often have a young monk with the waiter, at first glance, like a child servant in the world world. But in this intimate evening, the waiter can get close to Dharma, accept the true biography of Master. Photography / Zhu Zihao

The most powerful playing boy is also the official of Ximen. “Jin Ping Mei”, piano, chess, book, painting, songs in five bids, is the sexual object of Ximenqing. Ximen Qingxing bribes Cai Jing After bought an official, his officials in the county came to celebrate the junction. Li Zhixian sent to Ximen Qing’s rich gift, there is a child, “18 years old, the people in Suzhou Government Changshu County, the name of Xiao Zhang Song, originally the county Zhongmen Song is born. Life Jun, Write milk, the tooth white lips; also literacy will write, so good to sing south. “Ximen Qing saw this little teenager Peugeot, full of joy, and immediately arranged him for books, put him in the study gift post, actually Yes, I did a male pet.

After Pan Jinlian learned that Ximen Qing and book children’s “rape”, of course, the enemy was found, in addition to Song Huilian, Li bottle, and took a male pet book, and then ruined. Home.

Representatives of “Jin Ping Mei”, the inner house wife and the country servant are vinegar is a big theme of ancient love novels. In fact, from many similar circumstances, it is possible to learn that homosexuality and heterosexual relationships are never completely opposite and exclusive, and the former is often supplemented and chase on the latter. Although Ximen celebrates, he is eating, but he really beloved is still Li bottle. So in the same sexual relationship between the owner and the childvant, the owner of power is only used as a “fast consumer product”, why do you taste true love.

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