Zhang’s precision electric heating | How to choose high temperature oven?


The oven is also different in different regions; some areas are called dry boxes, and some areas are called drying boxes, in fact, they are all products. High temperature oven is one of the oven, as the name implies are when the temperature above 300 degrees Celsius is referred to as a high temperature oven. So how do you choose the high temperature oven? Next, Zhang Xiaobian will introduce you.

The high temperature oven is two-bedroom structure and vertical structure. The horizontal main blast high temperature fan is designed in the side of the oven, the structure of the box is aesthetically pleasing; vertical usually use the form of electrical cabinets, commonly known as backpack ovens.

Material selection, general medical and clean workshop to require more stainless steel, general customers use external cold-rolled sheets, liner optional stainless steel and cold-rolled sheets, according to materials. The size is required to require the size of the space according to the size and number of materials.


The combination of high temperature oven temperature category and use temperature: General customers float 50 ° C according to the temperature required to use, and the temperature of the oven is adjustable.

High-temperature oven is generally grounded, phase prior, overload, and over-temperature protection. With the development of technology, customers have become more and more higher, and there are two types of control panels;

Category: Control panel uses PLC touch screen control, this is more beautiful and modern, but the price is relatively high; another type is an indicator and mechanical button control, which is relatively affordable. Select the actual needs of the customer according to the customer.

The selection of high temperature oven temperature control can be divided into three categories; the first class uses relay temperature control, generally use this type of explosion-proof electrical cabinet to use this class is not appropriate; the second class is the main use of solid state relay, and the main use of the market Method; third category: Use controllable silicon control temperature, which is relatively practical for customers with high precision and temperature use span.

What is the above for the high-temperature oven, how to share it here, the use of high temperature ovens is wide, mainly used in chemical, mold, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace, electronic communication, plastic, cable, electroplating, hardware, cars, Optical, rubber products and colleges and universities.