Rush hot search! The real reasons for middle-aged blessings are not metabolism.


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# Middle age blessings are not because new metabolism slowed down #

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Studies have called 20 to 60 years old metabolism to maintain stability


On August 13, local time, the US authoritative academic publication “Science” magazine issued a new study of subverting traditional views, and the article pointed out that long-term,

Most people may think that the metabolism will gradually weaken during the adult.

The weight of human body is also increased by age growth.

In fact, this concept is wrong.


research shows:

People’s metabolism

1 year old to achieve the peak

At this time, the speed of the baby consumption calorie is 50% faster than the adult.

Since then, until the age of 20, the human body metabolism

The speed of approximately 3% is gradually declined.


20 to 60 years old

, Human new metabolic rate throughout the year

keep it steady.

60 years old

, People’s new metabolic rate

Slowly drop again.

The study of the study, John Spickman, said that

If you lose weight in three or forties, the waist is increased, don’t blame the body’s metabolism, this may be because you eat too much, too little consumption.

Experts say these findings may have an important impact on the study of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease usually around 60 years old. The discovery of this study may also have an impact on drug therapy, such as determining a suitable drug dose for children and the elderly.

The messy netizen has been quarrel.

View point: I can’t find an excuse to get fat …

One or two people: then I study it for an excuse

Will be a feather:

Even the word “blessing” is an excuse.

Master: bad, I should sieve next time

Hi Lin Nan is rim: Why do you say that this is the excuse?

Aquarius TATA:

No wonder I have blessed my 20 years old.

大仙: Metabolism has not changed, eat too much

View 2:

Adhere to not believe! Middle-aged metabolism will become slow!

Four: I eat more when I am in the middle of the high school, I don’t see fat, I feel that I will eat when I have a meat.

Tiles are porridge:

“Middle-aged blessing is because of new metabolism” how is this research conclusion?

I remember the previous research showed this conclusion!

Douglasing: Can be pulled, you will not, you will not,


When you go to college, you will eat more. It’s a drill.


Now there is still a lot of fat every day.

Dasheng where is the gourd baby: I eat less than before, how many exercise is more than before, why is it fat than before?

View 3:

Middle-aged easier fat may have other reasons

Strive to increase the weight of the project:

I don’t think it’s a brain.

, More calories consumed by brain power

The face is thicker: it is the pressure of the mountain

If you encounter difficulties, you will be under: my excuse is too tired to sleep.


The small measis will never grow up: the teenagers have no heart, the middle-aged pressure is too big, whether the pressure will cause obesity?

YL 行: It should be in the menopause

Hormone imbalance

Causing it


Absorption barrier

It is the main reason, there is no metabolism problem without absorption!

How old are you aged?

Do you experience the blessing?

What is the reason you think of the blessing?