A red Chinese service, the grandflower


Classic cheongsam, dragon and phoenix, disk buckle, strong red … no sense of Chinese bride’s wedding clothes. Today, the wedding designer cleverly integrates the Chinese element into the bride’s wedding dress, making the bright “China Red” have been favored by more and more new people, the Chinese bride wedding dress is another trend of marriage fashion.


The bright Chinese red with classic 鸳 peony pattern embroidery, meaning the embroidery embroidery, the embroidery, the embarrassment, the delicate grape flower embroidery. Inheriting the classical pattern of thousands of years, there is a different style today. The delicate manual trap is along the bud along the edge, and there is no high-end quality. It is one of the excellent items per bride.


Feng Yuxiang is worthy of rich and unparalleled, and a needle, the embroidery is full of blessings to newcomers. If you have a good fortune, it is a prominent expectation of every new person to a better future. The wedding is no longer the mainstream of the wedding. The Chinese service is the best. s Choice.

Golden lax, focus on cheongsam and Chinese style custom photo. I like the baby, I have a good job of forwarding a collection, I want to achieve Shengshihua, the next message, Xiaobian will update different styles every day according to the needs of everyone.