Application of million pixel HD cameras in traffic management


In response to the actual needs of road network driving safety management and timely emergency response, my country proposed a method of analyzing the surface weather state of the laser spectrum, developed non-contact pavement status monitoring equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

When the equipment does not destroy the road, it is realized the real-time perception of highways, snow, ice, and ice, etc., filling the domestic product gap, performance indicator parameters can reach the level of similar products abroad, The equipment price does not have 2/3 of foreign products, and does not need to excavation of roads when installing and maintenance, which greatly reduces costs, high market competitiveness, to carry out road area water, snow, frozen and other status monitoring system Construction creation conditions.

The above several road monitoring techniques are inseparable from the help of the HD camera, in the urban road monitoring, HD video surveillance has important role:

1) Once the traffic congestion or accident occurs, the command center can quickly adjust the on-site information through the video surveillance system, and launch rescue or take corresponding measures in time. Therefore, video surveillance can become a powerful assistant for the relevant departments when responding to emergencies.

2) Civilized driving supervision through video surveillance system, monitoring road vehicles, discovering violations, can take photos and evolving, increase punishment, and effectively control violations. Video monitoring has a good civilized driving supervision and deterrence.

3) license plate identification and fatigue driving identification pass video surveillance system, capture license plate information on illegal behavior vehicles and illegal vehicles, and capture the driver’s face information. Be

4) Traffic monitoring and monitoring of road vehicles, the command center can quickly respond, scattered vehicles, and reduce congestion. Video surveillance applications can effectively monitor the traffic of roads into the city, facilitate the command center to make a rapid deployment, and provide a large amount of effective information for urban transport network optimization.

Whether it is real-time traffic or intelligent video analysis, the more clear and better, especially the license plate identification, fatigue driving identification (face recognition), command scheduling and other functions depend on high-quality video Monitor image screen.

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