Yubi Light New Products “Little Red Hat” series 5050 bobbark


Yubi light new product 丨 “small red hat” series 5050 bump RGB / red light / yellow light / blue / green / white light and other full color series LED lamp beads

Product application: traffic light beads – car light beads – display lamp beads – induced screen light-3C indicator lamp beads – backlight lamp beads – Digital pipe lamp beads – brake lamp beads – turn lamp lamp beads;

Product function: replacing straight-to-light lamp replacement plug-in lamp beads, replacing mermaid lamp beads, replacing digital pipe lamp beads

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Yubi Light New Products 丨

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LED package segmentationHas a number of automatic LED package production lines, main crystal chip, CREE chip package 3014 side flares Water lamp beads, 2835RGB lamp beads, small bee series 4040 lamp beads, rhemba series 4040 lamp beads, mermaid lamps and other specifications.

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