When pickled bacon, how many salts 1 pounds? Keep in mind 2 proportions, bacon is not moldy, and stored longer




In our local area, every year in the small snow, every household will start pickled bacon, because the average temperature is only 10 degrees Celsius, at this time, it is a good time to pick up the bacon, while waiting for the winter solstice or small cold, we can reduce Going out, stewing a variety of dishes in household bacon. Although bacon is delicious, there is a delicious person who loves to eat, but many people pickled bacon. Every year, the taste of the year is not the same. Sometimes the marinated bacon is super salty, and sometimes the marinated bacon is moldy and stinking. In fact, this is caused by the quantity of the correct salt.

When traditionally marinated bacon, 1 catties bacon is 15 grams of salt, in fact, this is the most common proportion.


Because of the amount of salt of bacon, it is related to the thickness of temperature and meat, the thickness of different temperatures and meat is definitely different.

If the meat is thick, you should put more salt, prevent the meat inside, and there is no salt for a long time, causing meat to thicken. And the temperature is too high, and some salt must be placed to prevent meat from deteriorating. The temperature is low, the meat is thin, so it will be less salt, so that the meat is not even salty.


Whenever someone asks me to pick up my meat, when I put more salt, I will teach you 2 proportions, because as long as you keep in mind these 2 proportions, you can make bacon not moldless, super incense, and It has been stored longer. Many people remember the 2 proportions I said, all said that she was picking up bacon, no more mildew, and praised my marinated bacon.

The first ratio: the average temperature is 10-15 degrees Celsius, the thickness of the meat is 2-3 cm.


When the average temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature is still high, I suggest that everyone is putting 16-17 grams of food salt, because this ratio is 1-2 grams of food salt than the traditional proportion, which can prevent meat from picking up Decoction during the process. When the salted bacon is marinated, the thickness is 2-3 cm, and this thickness can make the marinated meat. It is not salty.


The second ratio: the average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, and the thickness of the meat is 3-4 cm.


If the average temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, then 1 catties meat is placed 13-15 grams of food salt is most suitable, and the meat can be slightly thicker, and the thickness is controlled at 3-4 cm. Because this ratio can make bacon completely, it will not cause bacon to eat very salty. Master Hu suggested that you gave a meat at average low temperature below 10 degrees Celsius, and the greened bacon is the most fragrant. Next, I share the practice of pickled bacon to everyone.


[Raw material preparation]:

Pork 5 catties, 75 grams of salt, 5 grams of pepper.

[Marinated bacon]:

The first step: First prepare a dry towel, and wipe the blood or dirty of the surface of the pork.


Step 2: All the salt and pepper is put into the pot, and the small fire will stir the pepper for 3 minutes. After the other pepper salt is cooled.

Step 3: Prepare a clean pot, in the basin bottom, salt and pepper, then put pork on the basin, then sprinkle some food to each part, repeat this step until every meat is smeared Salt, then marinate the bacon for 3 days, then furnish and marinate for 4 days, and finally rinse the marinated bacon.

Step 4: Place the washed bacon into the sun, expose 7-10 days until you can dry the bacon.

[Precautions for marinated bacon]:


When picking bacon, pork must not be cleaned, just use towels or paper towels to wipe the dirty things on the surface of the pork, if you use the water, pick up, it is easy to cause pork to thicken, everyone must pay attention to this, very important .

When you pick up bacon, you must master the amount of salt, only this will make the marinated bacon and fragrant, and store it longer.

If the local average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, it is not recommended to make bacon, because the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause bacon to thicken during the pickling process.

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