Exquisite girls | than Duis’s still-thin underwear, comfortable is still very “safe”, wearing a naked


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As a delicate Girl,

When picking underwear,

Which point will you see first?



Light breathable?

still is…


I believe that the girls are picking up underwear,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Beauty is always placed first.

I think:

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Good look is necessary,

However, safety can not be ignored!

Pantyneous underwear

If you are bad,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The damage to the private part is not a little bit!

As an adult woman,

I believe many female friends are like me,

It will face some time from time to time.

Gynecological issues that are difficult to teeth:

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Odor, itching, white belt …

Even bathing of underwear every day

But it is still difficult to avoid sudden tricks.

The general people believe that gynecological issues are definite due to:

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Personal hygiene or sexual life is caused.

But let you think that it is,

Inducing the cause of gynecological diseases,

80%, it is related to underwear!

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

You will say: I am washed in pants every day.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

How do you have a relationship with underwear?

Yes, we are changing underwear every day.

But you found no,

No matter how to wash, the underwear is still

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

It’s getting harder and harder.


精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

root cause

that is

Private points in the fabric fibers,

Unable to clean up 100%,

The more accumulated, and the crotch is colored.

And these deposited secretions are precisely

Bacteria’s favorite,

So pass through the underwear of a period of time

It is simply

Countless vaginal bacteria

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The park.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

And such underwear,

Do you wear every day,

It means more opportunities for infection!

So I want to put an end to gynecological disease

The first step you have to do is the underwear of the selection.

This article recommended today

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

“Meryl Soft Honeycomb Inspiration underwear”

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Using honeycomb nani, the antibacterial rate is as high as 99%


Private bacteria gratitude

Even gynecologists are recommended for the choice of antibacterial underwear,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Put it, bacteria can never infringe you!

Elliptical breeding from the source,

Stay away from private parts, odor,

I can do healthy and elegant.


精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Nano silver honeycomb antibacterial crotch

Effectively inhibit 99% of bacteria

A good crotch is a soul of a panties.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

This is a power of the crotch.

Honeycomb structure design above the fabric,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Added nano silver fiber material,

Can inhibit 99% of the pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Nano silver fiber skin, soft,

Natural security,

Because of it

Powerful bactericidal repair


精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Generally used in medical burns, burn wounds.

About nano silver powerful bactericidal ability,

It has been widely used in medical treatment.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Add silver into the fabric of the antibacterial material,

Can strengthen sterilization, eliminate odor,

The key is that it can also have a good anti-inflammatory effect on gynecological inflammation.

Especially for girls, a physiological period,

Physical immunity declines,

The pathogen is more likely to invade in the body,

And the crotch cloth

Strong sterilization of honeycomb nano silver fiber

Ability to breed bacteria

Critically kill,

Thoroughly disconnect the roots of gynecological diseases.

In addition to nano silver bonus,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The entire underwear is used by natural plant fibers.

Safe green, harmless to the body.

The fluorescent test data is zero,

Ellus all causes cancer!

/ / Fluorescent test //

Ice silk


Light breathable, elastic moisture

Put on the same

One-to-summer, heavy non-breathable underwear

It will increase the breeding of bacteria,

Meryl Soft uses ice silk fabric,

Ice silk fiber

Breathing, hygroscopicity

It is better than ordinary cotton fibers!


arrive! through! Light!

Summer put it,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Cool, breathable,

Never worry about itchy!

I am most afraid of meeting the cloudy day and plum rainy season.

The underwear is washed and can’t do it.

Meryl Soft has superior moisturizing and quick-drying.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

I can do it almost in the afternoon!

Ice silk has the advantage of cotton hygroscopic breathable,

There is also a silk skin,

Take it in your hands, light,

Wearing on the body seems to “breathe”.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Ultra-light super bomb, put zero existence!

The weight of the whole underwear is only 18 g.

After editing the little sister, I said,

This light and silky touch,

Just like a small PP applying a layer of super-confidential mask.

It is also thin than Duris.

Even in hot summer,

It can also keep the crotch to keep refreshing and breathable.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Will not feel hot because the weather is warm!

It is dry and breathable at the time of private parts.

The pathogenesis is naturally available.

360 ° perfect package hips,

Sexy peaches with sexy peaches in minutes.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Don’t think

Petals have no trace shearing,

Neighful leg roots highlight legs to move well ~

It is also a gentle man who is more likely to be.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Wearing like a soft petal,

Really very fairy!

A piece of crop, once

360 ° package is like tailoring you

Summer is a day wearing a fairy dress, a hip skirt,

At this time, if the underwear is too tight, the card has a hip.

Or it is too embarrassing that the hip printed is.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Meryl Soft underwear is all adopted

Imported spandex rubber without trace hot press,

There is no protruding slit,

Wear on the body, perfectly bond the hips,

Just as comfortable to do it.

The fairy is no longer worried about the embarrassing card.

Super big elastic,

80-140 pounds of sister paper can wear

Elastic width design, tensile effect is super good,

Wearing a little or not!

No matter what you are 140 pounds of chubby fairy,

Still 80 pounds of little fairy,

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Can be easily controlled.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The whole undergarment is large

Whether wearing a tight-fitting, a hip skirt

Don’t reveal half of the traces!

Natural plant fiber, super anti-wrinkle

How to wash it does not fade, do not deform

Although ice silk and cotton are natural plant fibers,

But ice silk is more resistant to cotton,

Even if multiple water washing is not deformed, hard.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The number of modal is 40s, and the silk rogue is 60s.

The higher the number of spells, the closer, the cloth is more difficult to deform.

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

Natural and environmentally friendly plant printing,

The solid color effect is very good.

It will not fade with boiling water with 100 ° C.

The whole underwear is like a delicate skin.

Wear is as soft as feathers,

Silk touch and silk has a fight,

But the price does not have the zero head of high quality silk!

Prideful quality, sleep price

What are you waiting for?

Buy it!


Each underwear is sealed separately packaged.

Isolated bacteria, clean hygiene.

There is also black,


Pink grain,

Light blue, light gray,

Five colors optional.

We all know that there is a shelf life.

But do you know? actually

Panties also have a shelf life!

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

The doctor suggested that there was a panties every three months.

Prepare a box of honeycomb antibacterial underwear,

3 replacement can wear 3 or 4 months.

2 boxes can wear more than 1 year!

Choose underwear, protect private parts,

More important than picking blue friends!

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

[Puppy Fairy Panties]

Petal-shaped non-trace shearing panties

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精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样


精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样





Put on the same

A piece of crop, once

精致女生 | 比杜蕾斯还薄的内裤,舒适还很“安全”,穿上就像裸着一样

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