Verimental style furniture, a variety of speed collection


Everyone has a dream of fairy tale. In modern complicated society, people want to have a fairy tale world. The house of the farm, can easily restore the true and create a fairy tale world in fresh nature. The living room is a more important area at home. It is a place for family and guests, so the renovation of the living room must be based on neat and generous. Because the living room is the face of the whole home renovation, it is the most important place to reflect the master taste.


More white, wood is mostly. Sometimes choose a chair with a cushion, sometimes choose other chairs. With the performance of paints and wood grain on wooden surface, or pure white enamel is mainly, but there is no complex pattern. The fabric pattern of the cushion is also determined according to the overall style.


Idyllic furniture selection

Of course, it is the main grass, which shows the natural feelings of the country. If the table and chair combination are not neatly arranged, this style will further appear in a relaxed attitude.

Multi-pure wood is a skeleton, the outer side is painted, and the flowers and grass are raw materials, sitting comfortable, not beautiful; although it is commonly used art sofa, there are mostly no angular, two people And three people.

Idyllic furniture pattern

More than flowers, the color is also very elegant, and it is equipped with a wooden granular tea.


Regardless of the size of the house, the bedroom is always a place that cannot be ignored. During the decoration, if you don’t pay attention to some details, you may affect the daily sleep quality and life status, so the decoration of the bedroom is very important! The bed can reflect a variety of rustic style, more white, pink, green fabric, and pure white bed with hand drawn pattern. Simply, the natural characteristics of the field and the garden have a form of rural life and rustic artistic features, showing the works and genres of natural leisure content.