Wang Hui fixed to Tianjin Spring Festival Evening! Dai Chao Ruby Ring, and Guo Qilin


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On January 30th, everyone expected the long-awaited Tianjin Satellite TV to the Spring Festival Evening, Yue Yunpeng, Qin Xiaoxian, and biscuits and other a Zhu Yunshi cross talk actors gathered together, but this time the audience is expected to be expected by the audience. 20 years of re-rehabilitation Wang Hui.

Wang Hui, who performs in the stage wears a black gold cheongsam, hands with a large red gem ring, and the body is exquisite, and it is domineering, and it is still domineering from her, she can still see the shadow of the Fire of Tianjin.

As a “famous role”, Wang Hui’s performance, Wang Hui’s performance does not have to say, this time she cooperates with many drum performance artists, bringing a viewing feast for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that the age of Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening has added more than one thousand years old. These artists are still in elderly, still insisting on their own drum performances. Wang Hui is also returned to 20 years. Pick up the Beijing Yundi drum.

Wang Hui, who has been staged for many years, has also supported the support of his family, and the little son Guo Wei is in the small theater, Guo Degang is also in the offline performance, can be said to be a card.


And Guo Qilin, which is also mounting the Spring Festival Evening, said in many interviews to support the mother’s return, and also recorded video for Wang Hui, and sighed the mother to give up too much for the family and De Yunshi. In the show, tears are full.


At this time, Tianjin Satellite TV has a Spring Festival Evening, and Guo Qin said that Guo Qilin said that he can return to his hometown, and also thank Tianjin Satellite TV to give him a chance to perform, let them be able to Reunion at the party.

For Wang Hui again, Guo Qilin is a hundred percent support.


Since Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival, the De Yunshuo cross voice actor has settled, and Guo Degang’s three performances also have to look forward to the audience. Everyone wants to see Wang Hui and Guo Degang. A dream of everyone.

In the officially broadcast party, Guo Qilin performs cross talk, Wang Huizhong picked up the bus drums, two performances are all expected, and Guo Degang accidentally challenges the Beijing opera, and the axis performs let the audience have not recognized it, a family chooses three The form of performance is surprised.

Tianjin Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening is Deyun Society, the whole party is full, “baggage” is particularly rang, and users who like to listen to each other can’t miss it. Which interpolist actors do you like?


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