A picture! Let you easily do the choice from all kinds of safety seats


How important is the safety seat? Before opening this article, let’s first see a few real cases.

Research has already proven:

Correctly selecting and using a child safety seat is an effective way to reduce child serious injury and death during traffic accidents.


my country’s newly revised “Minor Protection Law” is officially implemented on June 1 this year, in which article 18 clearly stipulates that “minors’ parents or other guardians should take children safety seats, education minors abide by traffic Rules and other measures to prevent minors from being injured by traffic accidents.



However, in the face of a wide variety of child safety seats, what should I choose?


Select the four basis of the safety seat you should know

1. Differences from the children:

According to the child’s physical conditions, different types of seats are selected. In addition to the age factors, in addition to the age factors, choose the appropriate seating according to the child’s development level (height, weight). Parents can choose the most suitable seat for their children according to the body weight of each safety seat.

2, due to the car and different:

There are two ways to fix the safety seat and the vehicle, the seat belt fixation and the ISOFIX interface are fixed. However, some old models are not equipped with an ISOFIX connection point, so they should confirm the connection point type of their own models when purchasing a safe seat.

3, vary from person to person:

Confirm that the safety seat is suitable for your installation capabilities, some secure seat installation steps are more complicated, weight is heavy, and the safety seats that may not be easily installed for most carers mothers. So when choosing, you should try it with your own help and guidance.

4, seeking national 3C certification:

3C certification, also known as CCC certification, is an English abbreviation for “China forced certification”. Since 2015, children’s safety seat products have implemented mandatory 3C certification, and have not obtained 3C certification and motor vehicle safety seats that are not labeled 3C certification markers will not be available in factory, sales, imports, or in other business activities. After 3C test, there is a random code after the 3C logo of each child safety seat, which can be encoded in the National Quality Certification Center.


At this stage, the safety seats of single-function basic categories in the market can be mainly divided into:

1. Only rearward (basket type) safety seat


2. Front safety seat

3. Advertiseed

In order to extend the service cycle of the safety seat and obtain more useful functions, the market is also extended in accordance with the basic category:


1. Convertible safety seat: frontal and rear combination

2, combined safety seat: combination of forward direction and increase pad

3, three-in-one multi-function safety seat: combination of three backwards, rearward and increased pads

All types of safety seats can be applied to the following figure

With the increasing innovation of parental concepts and demand, as well as the increasing innovation of the child safety seat industry, we have recently been concerned with a new type in the domestic market, using more convenient and flexible convertible safety seats. Such a seat belt and base are two separate modules, and each module can be used in combination with other children’s travel portfolio, we can refer to this child safety seat as a convertible modular child safety seat. chair.

As an innovative convertible children’s safety seat, the modular child safety seat compares the commonly convertible children’s safety seats on the market, the innovation advantage is mainly reflected in three major aspects:

1, module base, chair can be separated, installed, detachable

Separable product structural design is the biggest difference between the modular child safety seat and the market in the market. The common volume and weight of the commonly convertible child safety seat is less convenient, and the mandatory base and the chair can be separated, allowing the weight and volume of the seat to be Second, step-by-step installation and dismantling, mothers can easily get it.

2, the modulation type can be freely combined, more flexible

Commonly convertible children’s safety seats Most bases are integrated with a chair, alone, and the chair of the module child seat can be separated, the base can be separated by combination with other products, can be flexibly form new travel products. Meet a variety of travel options.

3, the module base can be shared, the double car is more convenient

Because the modular child seat base and chair can be separated, the chair and base can be flexible as two independent modules. For the two-cars family, two bases are configured, only one chair can be flexible. Switch is used.


As a child safety seat, analog children’s safety seats in installation, use, combination, etc. Innovative, and all the commonly used restrictions on the commonly convertible children’s safety seats in the market are traveling for parent-child families. Due to more choices and experiences, parents have purchased new choices for children’s safety seats.

The Global Child Safety Organization (China) recommends that parents choose quality and secure children’s safety seats. For more information on the various types of children’s safety seats, install the tutorial and other content, you can enter the public number to select the safety seat applet.

All content is for reference only, please choose to choose and use it according to the actual situation!