[Home] Pillow on the tip of the tongue, can you hold?


I still remember the “China on the tip of the tongue”, a large group of food flows, went to the TV, watching the food in the screen to endure the suffering. If there is a realistic food pillow, you are sitting in front of you, let you sit with “food” look food, can you still hold back? Let’s take a look at it with the most beautiful and small series, and there is a “taste”!


1. Imitation shrimp pepper u-neck pillow

The essential nap pillow, whether in the office or a plane, pull the wind and practical one, don’t you feel “color fragrance”?

2. Simulation salmon sliced ​​cushion


This is popular in Taiwan, and the three-sermon slices, 3D simulation activated printing, real super realistic.


3. Simulation Pack Eggs Holding Pillow

A lot of fried eggs, watching me is very hungry, I really want to bite a bite, holding it in the aftertaste.

4. Simulation donut cushion cushion

Use a donut to stimulate pillows, sitting and sitting with a pillow. More than ten tastes for you to choose, Xiaobian who likes sweets, said that each model is like ~


5. Simulation fruit sliced ​​cushion cushion

Kiwi, green lemon, dragon fruit, orange, watermelon, cute round large fruit cushion. Super soft short hair removable jacket + sponge inner core, soft soft sitting is particularly comfortable.

6. Salt duck office nap pillow


Nanjing salt duck pillow, soft fabric, cute, unique. Whether it is in the office or on the sofa, it is a reliable cushion, which is more than what boyfriend girlfriend!

7. Japanese lazy egg large cushion

Export Japanese orders, high-quality PP cotton filled, soft and flexible. It can be washed. After washing, use the washing machine to get dry, then dry it, and then use your hand to put it into the formation.


8. Simulation Sweet Ice Cream Use Pillow


Is the shape of the cone is more suitable for boyfriend pillows, imagine it is very comfortable ~

9. Simulation popcorn multi-creative pillow

This popcorn pillow is also suitable for sleeping pillows, small and medium three specifications can be selected, so that they will become cute.

These pillows can make your appetite, but the only thing to pay attention to is when you are hungry, don’t bite it with your mouth. The topic of this issue will introduce you to here, I hope to help you. For more information, please pay attention to the most beautiful decoration channel. I want to see other content, I can leave a message below.


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