Cheap big bowl! Australian Moistols, 1 cans can be used in 6 cans, autumn and winter hydrating, it is enough.


As the temperature is gradually lowered, autumn and winter is coming! The arrival of autumn can be said that the skin “Summer injury” is not more, but also starts to prevent autumn!

As a small fairy, the standard autumn water light muscle should be tender, to be tightened to play … SO ~ Seasonal time division, the skin also has to start the rejuvenation!


The nutrients of the summer light milk are already in short! It is necessary to nutrition more cream to sooth the inner autumn and winter skin “hunger”. for example

Butter oil, milk honey and vitamin E, can keep the skin and moisturize.


If you also have dry troubles, then this super moisturizing is not greasy

Australia Natural Sheep Oil Cream

It must be worth starting!

It is rich

Avine extract and natural dimension E,

Moisturizing is not greasy,

Collection cream + body is breast, suitable for all kinds of skin.

Also long acting lattice moisturizing, one can to alleviate

Dry skin, sensitive, water oil is unbalanced

And other issues.

In fact, this can sheep oil is also super high, usually a hand cream must do tens of pieces, and body milk is also nearly 100!

This collection of hand cream, body milk, conditioner and cream, now limited time promotion,

2 cans as long as 49 yuan! 100g per pot!

Super cabbage price!


Sheep lipid nourishing E cream


Original price ¥ 69

| 🚩

Limited time offer ¥ 49/2 cans


Why choose sheep oil

Many people just exposed to sheep oil products, the first idea is: Will this wipe it?

In fact, sheep oil is extracted from the sheep in the sheep.

It is the oil used in animal oil.

Sheep oil is not only a favorite of the local people of Australia, but also sells well all the way to the world, so that countless people will continue to repurchase a year.

Wool fat is very similar to the sebum ingredients secreted by our body.

Therefore, it can be quickly absorbed by the skin, it is not only moisturizing, and the antioxidant effect is strong.

Coated on your face

The emollient effect is also very good.

Drying and skin are smashed, the skin looks bright, and it is still tender and slippery.

In addition to moisturizing,

Wool lins also have a repair.

It can supplement the lack of lipids of epidermal cells, improve skin dullness, tight phenomenon, effectively block the outside environment to the skin.


Stamp map can be purchased


So much so much sheep, why is the house SIR to recommend this?

Because I said to sheep oil, I have to mention G & M.

G & M SHAMEN company was established in 1996,

It is a very famous cosmetics company in Australia.

Mainly producing cooking oil,

G & M’s sheep oil can be said to be the excellent player in the sheep oil.

💛 1, organic raw material effectively lock water


In order to ensure the purity of the raw material, G & M only select

Organic sheep on pure polluting big grassland

The lamb released ingredients were extracted from them from them.

After the skin of the sheep fat is formed


A layer of natural water film,


Reduce skin moisture loss,

And the skin is protected.

💛2, hydrocoagulant technology is better absorbed

G & M uses


Hydrocodies extraction technology,

And use aseptic treatment equipment,

It greatly increases the purity of lamb fat.

Compared with the natural technology refined, the fine molecules of the hydroxile sheave fat are thinner, more likely to penetrate into the skin cells, thus reaching the sheep oil.

Very good penetration and absorption.

💛3, raw material ratio is more scientifically nourishing

In addition to natural pure sheep fat, the sheep oil cream is added more.

Availability extract,


It helps skin forms a milky isolation layer.

Resist sun split formation,


Lephosphate makes the skin

More smooth and delicate.

And use scientific ratio, supplement


Plant glycerol, natural plant dimension E.


Crouching fine wrinkles,


Look at the skin moisture. at the same time

No artificial flavors, alcohol, pigment and mineral oil,

Everyone can use it with confidence.

The texture is refreshed and not greasy


A bottle of use, moisturizing the skin

Although it is called sheep oil, G & M sheep oil is

The texture of a white cream,


Smell a bit

A touch of flavor.

The homeship SIR thought it would be greasy, it is difficult to absorb, and it is not greasy.

It is not expected that there will be a thick sensation in the hand.

I pushed a touch.


The absorption speed is also very fast,

It is quite refreshing with your fingers.

After using sheep, test


Skin water score increased by 17%,

Water moisture skin, lasting moisturizing.

The pH measured by the test strip is between 5 and 6, very skin. I have given praise from the friends who use the office.

Small fairy women who are sensitive muscles can also be used up.

There is also a question is that many people in winter, a pile of tanks are too annoying, but the skin can not stand, what should I do?

Very simple, as long as this bottle of sheep oil is enough!


Sheep oil = cream + hand cream + body milk + conditioner + massage paste,



Cleansing oil and repair milk


When you use the hand cream,

Take a small amount of disconnection, it can be quickly formed, the hand is smooth, but it is not oily.

When the body is used,

The whole body is tender with aroma. Apply the words on the body, the area is large, so it takes some time to disconnect, while massage your arms and legs while being wiped, relax muscles.

After a minute, it was a minute, smooth and not greasy.


When making hair care essential oils,

Wash the head and blow it, take a small amount to be placed in a slight, soft, with a faint fragrance, feeling that the fragrance is saved.

When the cream is used,

Take a little bit on your face to face, so that the skin fully absorbs the nutrients of skin care products and prevents wrinkles.

When the cream is,

Eillet, oil stars are more suitable for winter, and the dried skin can be used in autumn.

The next day, get up the skin moisturizing, clean the water, and the face is very moist.


When the makeup cream is used,

However, the female colleague of the house SIR tried, the unloading herme is still still, the make-up, this is not clean, it is recommended to make makeup use a dedicated cleansing product.

Unloading makeup, you can use it, gentle without drying.

House SIR suggests everyone a few cans, the price is not expensive, the family can put the bedside table, wipe it before going to bed; you can also bring it to the company in the bag, where is dry and painful, special convenient.

No matter whether you are a warm and dry sister who should warm up in the north, it is still a southern sister who is accomplished by the cold air. Use it, give your skin at any time, autumn and winter can also raise young water-tender skin ~


Sheep lipid nourishing E cream


Original price ¥ 69


| 🚩


Limited time offer ¥ 49/2 cans


Stamp map can be purchased

Stamp map can be purchased

Stamp map can be purchased