Wife 5 years of 4 births, why is Chen Haimin not honest?


“Tianlong Babu” is also removed.

Adapt from the script, the angle of angle is in service, and the whole is collapsed.

For example, Duan Yu.

Modeling rustic eyes.

The earrings are exaggerated, and the thick Liu Haishu is blowing, and the swollen small eyes will never open …


Which door is?

There is no level of performance.

In order to express “the true” and the eyebrows, the action is distorted as if it is out of control.


Excessive force.

The view is very sensitive to the village.

I also want to ask: What is this?

The plot is more bad.


Duan Yu first saw Wang Yin, diapers.


Seeing the bell in the first time, hit the chest.

How much is a little outrageous.

The “” “of the original session is, and it is obsessed with it.

Here, I felt crazy.

What is Duan Yu?


“A green shirt, the gas is like jade, clear softness, and the appearance is a gods.”

Chen Haomin played Duan Yu, as an appropriate.

Emperor, there is a book business, there is also a rivers and lake.

It’s straightforward, and it’s smart.

Deech of the goddess, but only silently look.

At that time, we chased “Tianlong Babu”.

In the same man with the people.

In the case of it, Duan Yu is brought to Chen Haomin.


However, the play in the play, he made people fascinating.


Countless peach colors, 亵 events.

Five years of four children, severe large men …

Chen Haimin did not even have dawn.

Under the drag of desire, he slipped down the bottom of the valley.

Chen Haimin was very lucky.

Since the small family, parents love.

What he wants can be easily obtained.

The dynasty road is also awesome.


In 1997, he took the first TV series “Tianlong Babu”.

As a peak.

After the broadcast, “Duan Yu” fires all over the country.

He became the fragrance in his eyes, and the director came to cooperate with him.


In the second year, Chen Haomin took the Journey to the West ().

Opened the late Sun Wukong.

This version of Sun Wukong has more “human taste.”

There is blood, meat, emotions.

It was full of attention when he was driven by Tang Yan.

When you eat bananas, you will sway your heart.


God is smart and cute.


Just like a pressecong small monkey.

Subsequently, Chen Haomin played a “Feng Shen Bang”.


The young juvenile, no fear and no need.

Not willing to owe “debt”.

Which is confrontation with the Yin Shigui’s rain, and then look at it again.

“What are you relying?”


“I pregnant three years and six months, your bones are mine, your meat is mine!”

He fell in muddy water.

Tough and climbed forward.

Climb the mother’s stick, but also climbed Li Jia’s 桎梏.

Since owing, the blood bone is also yours.

Chen Haomin has also had this proud.

At the beginning, he shaped a lot of characters.


Catch the opportunity to climb up.

The audience also tried.

As long as he thinks, thousands of roads are spread.

But maybe it is floating, and it may be difficult to move. Soon, he negative news, and the Feng acclaimed thousands of feet.

It is reasonable to return to the end:

Candid and bad film.


Gossip is ugly.

After the “Feng Shen Bang”, Chen Haomin had no color role.

The circle of the water is mastered.

Light p 老 老本, brush face consumption audience feelings.

It is inevitable.


But the performance of the performance will not let him be spurred by thousands of people.

The most fried also love history.


The wave is magnificent, wonderful.


Duan Yu is a pure love.

But Chen Haumin is not.

During the university, he added two girlfriends.

It is busy every day.


After watching this movie, stay with another shopping.

“Don’t even want to sleep.”

When he graduated, he made a breath.

“Finally put down the burden of feelings.”

Then, Chen Haomin found a circle of girlfriend.

This time I am still very special, and I have traveled for 7 years.


Source: Red Net


In 2000, Chen Haomin and Ye Wei cooperated to shoot “Feng Shen Bang”.


Which and Yang Lotus

They are a pair of hard work.


Outside the play, Chen Haomin is approached by Ye Hao, and from time to time.

Ye Wei and Chen Haomin


A girl who is involved in the world is so captured.

At that time, Chen Haimin spent a reputation.


Love, love to play.

Night life.

In order to let Ye Hao rest assured that he wrote a “repentance”.

But less than a year, Ye Hao found that he did not change it.

It is better to go with each other.

“Funeral Pu”: “Shen Yu Nightclub Bar” in Cantonese

In 2002, Chen Haomin and Charmah cooperated to “bring me, take me”.

Charming is warmly bold.

Sure enough, Chen Haomin stared at her again.

佘诗曼 and Chen Haomin

Two personality combined.

Hand in hand, don’t take the dog.

At the birthday party of Charmaireman, Chen Haomin swatched the sovereignty for half a minute.

But in the fourth year of love, Charming Shiman’s cold face broke up.


Because Chen Haimin didn’t control himself, I went to “steal”.


And hook up is “big brother’s woman”.

The other party directly found the temple.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

Chen Haimin didn’t think there was anything.


Divide the points.

Anyway, fish pond is big.

He is rumored to let go, frequently being taken in the night.

Kissing the waist and stroked “揩 揩”.


It is a gesture that is completely a flower bonus.

Source: Sohu Entertainment


Go to the nightclub, don’t delay him all around.


First and Zheng Jiayu.

Then kiss with the lunarwen.


Zhang Meng also disclosed that during 2008 to 2010, Chen Haomin loves two years.

Over the flowers, the blossoms must pick it up.


Chen Haomin looked at the bee, what should I do?


Naturally it is wasteful.

A director who has worked with him speaks:

“I didn’t dare to use it once. He often goes out with the girl, and the book does not have back.”

Source: Sohu Entertainment, 2007


The inner reputation is falling.

In this way, he is not far from the easter.

Until 2011, Chen Haimin came to a brake.

He quickly knotted.


Because I accidentally let Jiang Lisa are pregnant.

Introduction, he did responsibility for this matter.

But the waves return to this matter from ancient times.


After marriage, Chen Haomin did not pay attention, but also got a larger rash.

In November 2011, the entertainment circle was blown up.

The media exposed, Chen Haomin strongly kissed 19-year-old actress Chen Jiaheng.

And I can’t struggle with girls.


At first, Chen Haomin did not agree.


He is unknown:


“What did I have done? Why do you want to apologize?”


Source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily

Then defile

“I only have a brothers and sisters,” I am too good “


It also means that it means that

In the future, I will “take an eye”.

This shameless remarks anger everyone.

The media immediately took out 120 live photos.


On the photo, Chen Haimin lived from Chen Jiaheng behind him, and his mouth was touched.


The girl’s expression is obviously painful.

What kind of guest is this?

The artists in the circle have dramatically condemned.

Angleon angered him “not the first time.”


Director Wang Jing scared him like a bus tall wolf.

unambiguous evidence.


Group is angry.

Chen Haomin saw it.

Then apologize.

This apology is also unheard.

He took the wife who was pregnant for 9 months.


At the press conference, Chen Haomin said with tears, three times, apologized four times.

The wife also dismissed the meaning.

The face is awkward, and you will be pleasant:

“I hope that Chen Jialu’s little sister can forgive him.”

Especially Chen Haomin, crying station is unstable, and the wife who needs to be six Ah has helped his back comfort.

The whole venue echoes his cry.


When leaving the field, it is sorrowful.

This is probably his peak.

I am refreshing, I see it.

Unfortunately, he fell a speech on the spot.

This speech is comparable to the show.

When you squat, do you get up and stand up.


They all see him untrue.

But seeing the birth of the origin is put out to block the gun, who is going to bear again?


And his wife Jiang Lisa, silently hidden her husband’s fault.

She thought this was end.

I didn’t expect it, this is just the beginning.

6 days after the apology, Jiang Lisa caesarean section next woman.

Subsequently, she began to “end”.


On November 30, 2011, Dawa was born.

September 23, 2012, born.

On December 12, 2014, Sanya was born.

On March 30, 2016, Siwa was born.

Count, five years of four children.


She is in pregnancy – naughty – breastfeeding – cycle in pregnancy.


Netizen’s adverse description:

Marry Chen Haomin, bid farewell to the sanitary napkin.

And each time is caesarean section.

“The first three times are the same knife.”


Source: HKChannel


Just worried about Jiang Lisa’s body, they showed:

Also want to regenerate a son.

Every time I chat, Chen Haomin said a lot of benefits.

“My position is a few people.”

The words are light and casual.

Pain and risk of pregnancy production, raising children’s responsibilities, have been over.

Jiang Lisa also cooperated.


Strive to be a child, grow a small family.

Maybe she wants to change the waves.

“An original immature, Chen Haomin, who is self-cultivation is changed.”

But “Standard Men” Chen Haimin may not be a wave.

In January 2013, Chen Haimin was exposed to Hengdian Nightclub.


Jiang Lisa received the news and immediately took the big daughter to the Hengdian.

It is said to be a class, more like monitoring.

Source: New Express


Under the “accompanying” of his wife and girl, Chen Haomin was in a while.

But after a long time, his “hospitable” problem is committed.

In May 2014, he was photographed with the intimate photo of the actress of the same crew.


At that time, Jiang Lisa was pregnant with three children.

She took a child and flew to the Hengdian with his belly.


Maybe because of pregnancy, she is very slow, sitting on the roadside vomiting.


It looks very uncomfortable.


But she still rushed over.

At this time, I didn’t stare again. Chen Haimin did not have any big news.

Chen Haomin, a wife “big”.

Also, change any woman, who endured her husband three four times derailed?

In the marriage, Jiang Lisa has been committed to the whole.

In addition to biose, she also maintains the operation of the entire family.

Chen Haomin claimed to be “child.”

Some people need someone at home, I don’t want to do anything.


He also doesn’t have to do it.

There is Jiang Lisa.


There is also Jiang Lisa.

Chen Haomin shouted Jiang Lisa “Mummy” in his family.

“Mommy, I am thirsty to drink water.”

“Mommy, I am hungry.”


Is this a child really a child?

I am afraid not a giant baby.

Chen Haimin will not participate in the child.

Jiang Lisa took care of the whole family.

Serving four children, mother-in-law,.

Every time I wait until her, the food is cold.

Chen Haimin praised his wife as “female superman”.

Jiang Lisa lives into a superman.

Once, the two came together on the show.

There is a link to introduce the home.


Jiang Lisa Balabara introduced.

Chen Haomin was still in his back.

The host is a needle to see blood:

“I thought that Chen Haomin went to Lisa’s family to interview.”

Husband is also quite commonplace regardless of housework.


But there should always be a long right.


But Chen Haimin is not romantic.

I rarely give Jiang Lisa’s birthday, do not send flowers, do not give gifts.

Not considerate.

The wife took pictures during pregnancy and took 20 hours.

He has no objection.

Source: Sina

Forbidden Xiu’s loving, how much is hard to get down.

Many netizens shook their heads:

“Mom is the greatest, but your penders are good.”

Chen Haomin is not named.

His name has long fallen below the atmosphere.

As for property, Jiang Lisa last year revealed on the social platform:


“When you said that yourself, now I know it is millions.”

For the stars, this income is obviously not high.

So Chen Haomin is fascinating?


I don’t dug.

It’s really true.

He speaks well.


Jiang Lisa is originally a professional model.


She has her own clothing brand LISA.

Also go to the Italian study of clothing design.

But since I met Chen Haomin, her life path changed.

How did Chen Haomin chase girls?


In the middle of the night, chatting across 7 hours.


Very soil, but useful.

Jiang Lisa was touched.

Then, he often invited:


“I want to see you, come and return to the air ticket reimbursement.”

The timing is almost, he throws the ultimate murder:


“I raise you.”

At this point, Jiang Lisa has no way to escape.


She throws everything back to China.

In order to let her keep a baby, Chen Haomin also costs.

First move out the “feel”:

Besides this is “for you”:

“When I am not there, my child is accompanying her.”

For the elderly, it is now a year of life for a year.

Listening is going.

Ether Jacaris.

Give birth to baby, the firewood salt, but also worry about the husband’s gossip …

In just a few years, Jiang Lisa has a lot.

There is no refined photo, it is obvious that the old state is seen.

Jiang Lisa did not forget the dream.

Friends invited her magazine, costumes.

She is very happy, ying wants to try.

But Chen Haomin took a pot of cold water.

“Do you have more me?”


“Maybe there is me?”


She is awkward.

I dare not to work again.

Willing to stay behind him.

I saw this interview, I was shocked.

Isn’t this PUA?

Raise yourself and press the opponent.

The other party is not allowed to be detached.

Eventually develop a small animal that does not have a claw teeth.

You look, more exquisite.


What is even more wonderful is that he didn’t take long for it.

During the epidemic, his performance is not smooth.

The income is sharp.

then what should we do?


Jiang Lisa can only come out of live broadcast.

She is very fighting.


Sick also insisted on live.

That time, a 6-port is fully earned to make money.

Chen Haomin enjoys this.


I don’t mention “Don’t be a stage”.

Enough double standard.

However, Jiang Lisa didn’t care.

From the beginning to the end, she had brainless support Chen Haomin.

闻, she is pressed;

I want my child, she is born;

Against her work, she listened;

Let her live in the goods, she is on;


Netizens 陈 浩 民 不 身 身 体, she urgently defended:


“Caesarean section is completely painful.”


Chen Haomin did not leave.


She is also.

Someone asked why you can pregnant with it.


She replies: “Can the water and paste?”

how to say.

The two are also equipped.

In 2016, Chen Haomin accepted the media interview and repeated Chen Jiaheng incidents of the year.

He said words flashing:

I have been fine.


I didn’t see some apologies and reflection.

Will he wash your heart?

I am hung.

He only has yourself in his eyes.

Can’t take care of the pillow.

Not even if the description is good, people feel.


And Jiang Lisa, this life is soothing, I am afraid only if I have faced it. No one helps, no one understands. After her, only five children waiting for.

One of them called Chen Haomin.

Ye Wei and Chen Haomin

Ye Wei and Chen Haomin


Source: Sohu Entertainment


Source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily