Three people who are really wearing, coats are never springs, learn high round Yao Chen, simple atmosphere


Coats are an essential single item in autumn and winter, but for coats, it is also a truth: that is, the more simple and better, especially the high-quality coat, do not need too much fancy single product to set off, simple and pure can.


Recently, I saw that the coat of the high round and Yao Chen’s coat is very good. It is simple and temperament. Ordinary people can also take a matching demonstration.


First, what are the high round coat matching skills?

• Specially picked white styles


Many people like to choose bright colored coats, but for black yellow skin is not good, the area of ​​the coat is large, and the white coat is particularly important, otherwise everyone is very dark.


High round circle will choose a more white coat to create your own style, such as a blue coat, or brownish coat, these two colors are high-grade and white color, naturally will let the temperament, skin look It’s better to get up.


• Style to create a more atmosphere

It is not a mistake to wear, but it doesn’t seem to have a sense of feelings. This is an incomplete look. It will find high round coats that will find high round coats.

In addition to choosing the basic coat, the high round will choose a needle woven hat or a scarf, which look simple, but it is possible to cut atmosphere, will not let the style of the coat look very monotonous, but in the simplest match, let Take more patterns.


• Using light color to achieve aging effect


In addition to some basic coats, you can also try the bright coat, such as light pink coats, the style will be more young, with the foundation bottoming shirt and pants, you can showcase the feelings, let the style look more vitality.

Second, what places in Yao Chen’s coat match worth learning?


• Darkness is more thin

If you want to build a coat style, there is no difficulty. How difficult is how to build a thin dress, many people choose a black coat, but there is no advantage of the black coat.

Yao Chen’s way is different. If you choose a black coat, wear it is black-oriented, large-scale use of dark, but will make the sweeping effect more obvious.

• Accessories make embellished effects

I don’t know if you have discovered that in everyday life, the coat will only make the style look flat, but Yao Chen’s matching method, but uses the accessories to achieve embellished effect.

With a black coat and white high-necked bottoming shirt, I chose a bright red knit hat. Although this color is not exaggerated, but in the overall color match, there is a strong sense of existence, and finally Let the wear look more trendy.

• Exquisite

Coats are a very classic single product, but in contrast other items, how much is a little exquisite, whether it is the design of the fabric, or the color design, the main style of the coat is a mature style, the mature style is over It looks an older.


But according to Yao Chen’s way, you can make the style of the coat look more refined, you can choose a large area of ​​black, to bake with the atmosphere, choose a grilled scarf, and look more delicate.

Gao Yuanyuan and Yao Chen’s matching, for us to demonstrate a different way of matching, in fact, there is no difficulty in their wear, but it has changed some small details, so wearing a more fashionable effect, What else do you have any of the suggestions?


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